23 March 2012

Blogging Funk

I've been in one. And when I read Char's blog the last week or so I feel guilty. She's in the middle of a move and still blogs. Oy.

Not sure what the deal is, but I'm looking into redesign. See if that helps.

Until then, no worries. I'm still blog stalking you. Just not writing in return.

Also, can we all pause and look at the West? Michigan St., Missouri, and Marquette are out. Who saw that coming? And as much as I like Baylor, I hope Xavier wins tonight. Good vibing them, for sure.


  1. Allison- will you still be in Boston this summer?!? I'm interning in D.C. and already planning an NYC trip- but Boston is top of the "places I must see" list.

    1. YES. At least, as far as I'm aware at the present time. Come up! For real.

      Also, DC is one of my very favorite places, so there's a decent chance I'll be down there some as well. Where are you interning?

  2. Let's not forget the entire of months of December and January when I blogged hardly at all. Blog funks are completely acceptable. And really, with moving I blog to put off packing. Like right now, for instance. I just got back from IKEA and am kneeling at the computer desk (because we moved our chairs) instead of tackling the mess behind me. Heavens.

    PS I love where this blog redesign is going. Obviously.

  3. PPS I love your new about-me blurb.