24 March 2012

Smorgasbord (always reminds me of Templeton)

So I'm down with everything except perhaps the pattern on pattern. Not sure about that. Weigh in?

March Madness. NC State! You were so close! So so sad when that didn't happen. Maybe even more than usual as it was nearly 1 a.m. Way too late to be watching basketball. (Also, did we all love the little Mormon who plays for UNC? Poor kid was tiny compared to everyone else on the court.)

All I want to do today is take Elizabeth Bishop and maybe W. H. Auden up to the Mount Auburn Cemetery. Instead, I'm avoiding finalizing the section openers for my book. I cannot find the right maps. Might just bag the maps altogether, but it's such a good idea. sigh. (girllookatthatbody)

Hellboy was on TV last weekend while I was designing. Really makes me want to watch Van Helsing. Super high quality films, I know.

This post seems to be going nowhere fast. End time? Yeah, how about it. Oy.


  1. I think it looks really good. How did you do it? You should design a blog background for me.

  2. Wow! That was a wake-up! At first I thought I was in the wrong blog - I do like it, though.