30 March 2012

Sometimes, Friday Isn't Quite Enough

me:  Idon'twanttobeatwork aaaaaah
so I made my bed last night when I got home
and then I didn't want to have to unmake it to sleep because it looked so nice, so I got two of my super warm blankets and slept on top of it kind of diagonal so I wouldn't mess up the pillows
it was SO WARM. it was like a cocoon.
I just want to go back to my cocoon.
 Katelyn:  hahahaha
thats awesome
and i dont blame you
i want to sleep too
haha, im still laughing
that was funny
 me:  I don't even care if I'm asleep. I just want to be wrapped in flannel and goose down.
 Katelyn:  mmmmm. that sounds so nice
 me:  I KNOW

1 comment:

  1. You are so funny! You can make your bed again in the morning you know.