30 March 2012

Sometimes, Solicitors Make Your Day

I got a call from a 503 number that I didn't recognize. Since I'm quite partial to that area code, I answered.

It was a member of the grass roots Obama campaign in Hillsboro, Oregon, informing me that they are working on contacting people regarding the upcoming election and would I like to volunteer in any way I can? I told him that since I live in Boston, that might be difficult.

"Boston to Oregon? No, that's not too bad."

Apparently that $5 I donated way back in 2008 wasn't forgotten.

(This call was way better than those BYU alumni donation calls. I've begun screening them, though I think next time I'm going to say, "I have $40,000 of student debt, there is absolutely no way I am giving you money. Also, I live in Boston, which is two hours later than it is in Provo. Stop calling me at 10 p.m.") 

1 comment:

  1. I get those BYU phone calls too. The most annoying one was the one right BEFORE graduation. I was still paying tuition and books at that point! They start early.