20 April 2012

91 First Drafts

This was a freaking long time coming. But the book is gorgeous. Thank you, Calvin Olsen, for allowing me to use your Europe poems and photographs for my book design project. (Also thank you for putting up with my many rather short notice requests for hand writing samples.) I loved it all, even when I said I wanted to start a girl band (I'd be the drummer, since apparently I'm too small to play the bass). But you just want to see it, don't you. Ladies and gentlemen (Dan, are you the only gentleman who reads this?), I give you 91 First Drafts:

Front cover. (Please, ask about the birds.)

Back cover. Huge thanks to T.J., Sophie, and Lisa.

Title page.


A section opener.

A spread with a poem and photo.

In deference to his career and the fact that these are drafts, I will not be posting any spreads that are readable. However, if you want to see them, email me and I'll hit you up with the PDF. Just be warned that if you attempt in any way to distribute said poems and Calvin finds out, you'll be hunted down by a man who ran with the bulls and lived to tell the tale.

I love this book. And everything about it. But I'm so so glad that I'm done.


  1. It's so beautiful! Nicely done. Also, I think you can play whatever instrument you want in a band and rock at it.

  2. Ist looks lovely - and you gave Grandpa and I good chuckle with the "ran with the bulls" comment :) Congrats!!!

  3. Looks amazing! I love the quotes on the back cover. What's with the birds?