23 April 2012

What You Do When You're (Almost) a Graduate

Friday Night
Buy a half gallon of milk, cookie dough, and a rotisserie chicken. Also, redbox Contagion. Eat said milk, cookie dough, and chicken while watching episodes of Gilmore Girls and then Contagion. Never want to touch anything ever again.

Sleep in. Watch more Gilmore Girls. Take (way) overdue library books to the Lesley Library, then walk to the Mount Auburn Cemetery. Find the Robert Gould Shaw monument, and read The Great Divorce. Go home to eat more chicken and watch more Gilmore Girls. Call Comcast to fix the internet. Karaoke with ridiculous people, then come home and lose a battle in the bathroom with a centipede.

Sleep in (oops). Go to church. Read The Great Divorce. Eat chips and salsa instead of chicken. Take a nap. Watch more Gilmore Girls. Talk to the lovely Annie for an hour (miss your face).  


  1. Thumbs up on your activities! :)

    I hope you got the internet fixed. If not, you can contact me. I work for Comcast.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Dear Master Allie,
    you have an awesome life!

    little old lizzy/betsy

  3. Sounds fun - but, no vegetables or fruits? Catch up this week :)