03 May 2012

A Magical Place Called Clarke's

To celebrate the end of finals, some of us got together again at our favorite bar at Fanueil Hall. In fact, it might be my favorite bar anywhere. Why?


Clarke's has the most delicious, largest platter of nachos I have ever experienced. Each time we've been there, the male waiters look at us skeptically and don't think we can finish the platter. Each time, we finish it. This time we ordered dos.

That's right. Two. And they're freaking huge. Check it.

This is Kelly. She loves Clarke's.

It was supposed to be our last Clarke's hurrah, but man, those nachos are just so good, I'm hoping Jackie and Emily will want to go after work, since we all work within walking distance (they're literally across the street, luckies). 

1 comment:

  1. Those nachos look delicious. I'm hungry!

    Also, good talking to you on the phone. That should probably happen more often. Or at least emails or something.