02 May 2012

Preparing for

Graduation, by

  • making dinner reservations here.
  • reducing library fines, and actually paying them all back (first time ever).
  • reviewing loan policies and promising to pay them, too.

Summer, by
  • beginning the goal to read all the books I own but haven't read before.
  • calculating the time from my office to the harbor, to eat lunch outside (seven minutes).
  • purchasing concert tickets.

Life, by
  • creating a yoga sticker chart.
  • realizing a great name for a pet cat (Minerva).
  • worrying enough to create a desire to go running again. Shoot.


  1. I love all of these things (except the worrying), but I love the concert tickets the most :)

  2. Love you, Allie! And so very proud of all that you have accomplished.

  3. I love the cat name!