25 May 2012

On the Friday before a three-day weekend,

when you discover that you get to leave work four hours early,

you make plans. Obviously.

First, you stop at Starbucks to visit Jackie and/or Emily (can't remember if they're both there on Fridays?) and get some hot chocolate, because it's surprisingly cooler than was expected today (good choice on the jeans rather than a skirt this morning).

Next, you walk 1.5 miles from the Starbucks at Faneuil Hall down to the Boston Public Library at Copley Square. It will look something like this:

When you arrive at the BPL, you don't go straight for the books (even though you want to). Instead, you go to the Changing Exhibits Gallery to see this:

Image via BPL.

After being inspired by printmaking, you browse the books. Also, you look for Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows on CD because they are no longer available via grooveshark. You might hit up the DVDs, maybe they have Anne of Green Gables? Or, even better, Liam Neeson movies! (Specifically, The Mission. Also, Taken.)

Once browsing has ended, you take public transit back home, where, if you were successful in your movie search, you take your laptop to the kitchen to watch a Liam Neeson (or Anne?) movie, put on stretchy pants and your Garamond T-shirt, take out your ink, rubber blocks, and printmaking tools, and attempt to recreate art you saw at the BPL. You might also paint with oils. It is quite likely you will accidentally paint the tiny kitchen table while doing so.

Hours later, when your roommate and her best friend arrive home, you realize you should probably stop making messes pretending to be an artist and actually eat a real meal. So you clean the table, wash your hands, and eat something before spending hours alternating between reading Howards End and watching either A Room with a View or episodes of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, depending on how cultured you feel. Then you go to bed surprisingly early, considering the rest of the week.

And that's how you start a three-day weekend when you get to leave the office four hours early.

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  1. explain to me what jeans over a skirt looks like ;)