23 May 2012

TTT: Nonbookish Reading

I haven't participated in Top Ten Tuesday for a while, but I thought this one was interesting. Plus, it made me  think about what other websites I have open in all my tabs at work/home all of the time. So, my Top Ten Sites That Aren't About Books:

  1. Wikipedia. Seriously. A few close friends could tell you how often I consult Wikipedia (multiple times a day). It might be a problem. But they have information on everything. Plus it's so easy to click through their hyperlinks and learn more stuff! I can't help it. It's such a useful tool.
  2. NPR. This is one of my staples in my google reader feed. I read NPR articles a couple times a day, and sometimes listen to their podcasts. (Speaking of, Clay Christensen was on WBUR this morning. Not sure if you can still access it, but try.)
  3. NYTimes Opinion page. Specifically, Thomas Friedman's column. This should come as a surprise to zero people, I'm sure I've mentioned him before.
  4. xkcd. Funny, nerdy, sometimes linguistic-y humor. 
  5. Appazoogle. I love this blog. It discusses the various changes in the publishing industry, specifically how the ebook and ereaders are affecting the publishing model. It also may or may not help fuel my Amazon hatred (though they do that fairly objectively).
  6. LDS.org. I look up all sorts of random stuff in the scriptures, Bible dictionary, and General Conference talks throughout the day. 
  7. CJane, Nat, Meg, etc. I am a major blog stalker, and go through a specific list every morning. Sometimes when I get terribly bored I'll go into the archives, even though I've already read all the archives for each of them before. (When I find a new blog I like I kind of go on a blog-binge and read the thing in its entirety. It makes you a little ill afterward. Like a food binge.)
  8. Dream Moods. This has brought so much entertainment to my life (thanks, D!). Learn how to interpret your dreams! Sometimes it's weirdly accurate.
  9. The Art of Manliness. This one can be a fun time waster. Some of their articles are ridiculous, but others are awesome. A few are both.
  10. #whatshouldwecallme. Oh man. Sometimes I just can't stop. Another serious binge site.

Y tú?

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