08 June 2012

GChat It Up

A random sampling of the things that have been discussed via gchat throughout the week . . .


me: but right now I really just want to go home and sleep.
2:17 PM Danielle: yeaaaa
  crawl under your desk?
  go in an empty office?
2:18 PM me: no empty offices. bummer.
  might crawl under the desk though
  and they vacuumed this weekend, so the carpet is clean.
2:19 PM Danielle: hahaha


Katelyn: haha
  theres a kid talking in the hallway on his cell all loud and i want to punch him
 me: hahaha
3:09 PM please go punch him.
 Katelyn: gah, i want to. at least shush him.
3:10 PM super annoying and inconsiderate. you are right outside an office!!!
  oh i think he left
 me: haha
  if he didn't, go out and glare at him
 Katelyn: i totally will


me: k
4:22 PM 
  did you find the quizzes or do I need to link you up?
4:23 PM Calvin: I found them.
  I will be successful in the entertainment business.
 me: oh yeah?
 Calvin: Also, sometimes, when none of the options describe me, I get frustrated.
 me: hahahaha
4:24 PM me too
  or if the quiz doesn't exist anymore
  now I will never know my bra personality.
4:25 PM Calvin: That sucks.
  I am going to land my dream job by blogging!
  Am i ready for sex?
  now you're talking


me: the best story, though
2:11 PM my elementary school science teacher was good friends with a geologist who was up there monitoring the volcano
  because they knew something was going to happen
2:12 PM and he was there when it went off. and they have audio recording of him radioing down to whoever he was communicating with, telling them it was going to start. and then you actually hear it on the recording.
  it's one of the strangest things I've ever heard. and I will never forget the sound of his voice.
2:15 PM Calvin: that's rad
2:16 PM me: I now question the decision to share that recording with a bunch of 11-year-olds
  but it definitely made an impression.
2:17 PM Calvin: what a way to go, though
  6 miles away
2:18 PM me: right?
  and he doesn't sound afraid at all.
  he sounds excited.
  there is genuine excitement in his voice because he knows the volcano is about to go off
  it's amazing.
2:19 PM Calvin: Oh I'm sure.
  Dude was only 30, I'll bet he was loving it.
2:20 PM me: don't get any stupid volcano-chasing ideas
 Calvin: Too late.
  I've actually always wanted to be a storm chaser.
 me: hahaha. of course you have.
  not surprising at all
2:22 PM this was his view
 me: shoot


me: I I love you like a love song baby
Megan: weird
12:59 PM me: I'm listening to Selena Gomez on repepepepepepeat
  it's terrible
  how's work and Molly?
1:00 PM Megan: why?
 me: the song is catchy
  and stuck in my head
  so I'm just listening to it
1:01 PM Megan: ...ok
  molly bit e
 me: what?
1:02 PM Megan: she has a sticvker stuck to her face. i tried to get it off
 me: hahahaha
  how'd it get there?
1:03 PM and did she bite you hard?
 Megan: it was on the floor i guess
  yes hard, not real marks, but it hurt
 me: did she break the skin?
 Megan: no
 me: okay
 Megan: she mosty got my nail
1:04 PM me: well that's good
  did you punish her?
 Megan: she knows im mad. she's moping
 me: hahaha

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  1. This was fun to read through. It was interesting to mark the emotion I felt about the volcano eruption. I remember all of that so well.