11 August 2012


Last week at work. Unfortunately, Monday was my last day at my computer and I didn’t know it. If I had known, I would have taken more advantage to appreciate it. For the remainder of my time I worked on a computer quite possibly from the late 90s that made me restart Outlook every half hour.

Last lunch at the hot dog stand with the 20-something boy who flirts with me regardless of whether or not I washed my hair the night before.

Last Sunday at church. Yes, I will be wearing my lace dress and blue (maybe hooker?) heels. Leave an impression.

Last birthday in Boston, which, coincidentally, is also my last year in the early 20s. 25 is officially mid-20s, yeah? It’s right in the middle of them, so that seems to make sense. I had a lovely birthday lunch, which was later haikued. And I absolutely ate steak for my birthday dinner, just like when I was little.

Last time at Walden Pond. First time I actually got in the water.

Last walk with Anne Marie. Sadly, I think this happened on Thursday, unless we  walk tomorrow (which is unlikely). There is a very good possibility that I will miss her the most when I leave. She's my buddy. Maybe we'll have phone walks when we're across the country from each other.

Last trip to the BPL. To return (way) overdue books. Sound familiar?

Last trip to the post office. Thank heaven. I made at least six trips within the last week. Moving is fun...

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