12 August 2012

A Perfect Day

Though technically today was my last full day in Boston, I really considered yesterday to be it. Today was Sunday, which meant church and a nap and other Sunday things that aren't very Boston-y. But yesterday was the most Boston-y of Boston-y days.

I got up early (on a Saturday, be proud) to accomplish a few moving errands, and chit chatted in the kitchen with Mel. Then I took the T across the Charles to Newbury Street for a hair appointment with my wonderful stylist, Amy. We talked about moving and how much we love the Pacific Northwest, and when she was finished I walked out into the Boston humidity that slowly curled my newly-styled hair as I walked the length of Newbury Street to the Boston Public Library. I walked through that beautiful old building with its arched ceilings and green lamps where I wrote my paper on Salman Rushdie and designed my beautiful poetry book. Then I took Boylston Street through Copley Square, Arlington, the Boston Gardens, and the Common. Past Robert McCloskey's ducklings on whose backs I once jumped. Past Emerson and the hole-in-the-wall burrito place. Past the stage for Shakespeare in the Common. Past Boston Magazine's Best of Boston award winning UBurger frappes.

That afternoon I drove with Mel and D to Walden Pond, stopping for drinks at Cumberland Farms on the way. We avoided the beach and instead found a rock stairway down to the lake (though this time we didn't have to sneak in) and swam in the dirty, duck-filled water for an hour. The sun came out as we did, and we made our way to Kimball Farms where I shared delicious heath bar ice cream with AM, and Curtis ate a pint by himself. We sat at a picnic table under an umbrella, admiring a beautiful curly-haired baby and laughing at the noisy geese behind the fence as we waited out the pouring rain that started while we sat.

In the evening we went to the mall to return some items and look for a few more. As usual, Mel, D, and I got separated and then went to all the same stores at different times. D got some great deals and I wanted to buy out both Banana Republic and J. Crew, so it was a normal shopping experience.

Instead of our typical Saturday night laziness at home, we got dressed up and AM, Curtis, and Calvin accompanied us to the South End for dinner at The Gallows. The restaurant was fun, the food was delicious, and we all looked (plus Curtis and AM smelled) excellent. As did the restaurant's coasters. So good, in fact, I may or may not have taken one with me as an example of gorgeous design. The drive home through our beautiful city all lit up made me feel so lucky that it was a part of my life. I will miss it.

Bye, Boston.


  1. Roommate, I just stumbled across your blog and already love it. This sounds like quite the magical finale.

  2. aw, this sounds so nice!! glad you've been able to say a proper goodbye. also, did you get the polka dot pants?