20 September 2012

My Buddy

When I moved to Boston, I left my Melis in Provo. After talking to her nearly every day since after leaving Egypt in September 2008, I had to deal with some serious best friend withdrawals. I made several really good Boston friends, but Melis and I both know that the one who came closest to replacing her (no one will ever replace you, M) was dear Anne Marie.

Photo of us on my birthday, stolen from AM.
Please excuse the packing mess in my room.

Anne Marie is a sweet, strong, funny person. Her laugh is infectious, especially when she laughs in less-than-appropriate settings (Sacrament Meeting). She loves ice cream more than I do, and that's saying something. She is an excellent example of healthy living, something I will never do as well as she does. She uses her time wisely. She doesn't submit to social pressure when she isn't interested in doing certain things, which I appreciate. She loves pigs. Her parents are her best friends. She is a great conversationalist and a fabulous listener. And she knows when a girl needs chocolate.

Anne Marie is exactly the kind of person you want around when you want to have fun, or just be chill. She will go on ice cream runs, and walks to talk about life. She'll discuss nail polish as seriously as she does her schoolwork, and she is a critical and honest shopping partner. She is brave, and encourages bravery in others. She will never give up on you, and always has your back.

And because I'm sure Mel will make them play the game, I would marry Anne Marie because she is such an honest and faithful friend. She is the best kind of buddy a girl could ask for.

Happy birthday, AM. I sure do love you.


  1. well...I'm in tears...yet managed to laugh ALL THE WAY through this at the same time. You of all people to write me a... i don't even know what to call this...was so precious to me. I'm copying it and keeping it forever~

    So much love

  2. I'm only the "Mama." But, it made me cry too. She misses you. I hope someday we'll meet. :)

  3. I think I know her. Was she in Provo before Boston? One of my friends had a roommate Ann Marie who looked just like the girl in the picture. Small world.