05 October 2012

Pro/Con List

Moving to Seattle Cons:

  • Public transportation in a widespread city takes forfreakingever to get anywhere. 
  • Pacific time zone does not allow you to call friends in Boston and/or DC when you get out of class at 9 p.m.
  • Job hunting sucks.

Moving to Seattle Pros:

  • It has rained once in the past month, and the weather is quite pleasant for someone who's lived in New England for two years (roommates are wimps) (also, Boston is quite rainy currently = irony).
  • There are so many more trees.
  • Mexican food is available and actually tastes like Mexican food should taste.
  • Rent is half as much each month.
  • Unemployment allows for babysitting cousins once a week.
  • Printmaking class. Best idea ever. (Granted, this also would have happened in Boston. But the tuition would probably have been three times as much.)
  • Going home for Conference weekend costs $25 instead of $400. Tualatin, here I come.


  1. I hope you find a job soon dear!! I think those are all great Pros as well. I prefer to be close to family if possible.

  2. Yay for going home! And yay for the whole pro list. Boo for the cons. Best of luck to you, my dear!

  3. Good luck with the job hunting!

  4. Who knew that Mexican food was bad in Boston. Weird! I always assumed that Mexican food was everywhere, and pretty much all the same (American interpretations of it, anyway). Yay for getting to go home a little more often...that's super fun! BTW, Jeff keeps asking me if he had some cover art done for his book, if you could help him with the rest of the book design. Can you do that for an e-book? I have no idea how the world works. We'd pay you, I have no idea how much though. Let me know what you think.

  5. i'm glad the one list is longer than the other :)