06 September 2012

Never Changing

In July I took a trip up to Vermont with McCall, Anne Marie, Curtis, and Jake. During the drive, McCall suggested we play a game where we'd go in a circle, choose a song on the ipod, and then tell the rest of the car a memory that went along with the song. 

It's incredible how strongly music is tied to memory.

There is a band based in Vegas that has rapidly become successful over the last year. Most of their LDS following claims them as being from Provo, since the initial band was started there. But all current members (except one) attended the Berklee School of Music in Boston. And while he was in school, the drummer was good friends with my roommate Danielle. Who introduced me to the band's EP while we lived together.

So even though they really aren't connected to Boston as a band, they will always be connected to Boston in my mind. And when I run into their music everywhere from the radio to the Olympics to movie trailers, I can't help but think of D and be so proud of her friend.


  1. What's the band called?

  2. @Jamie Imagine Dragons!
    I totally feel the same way! I heard their song was featured on Glee and I hear them in different movie trailer and I FREAKED! Does this make you feel like a hipster, too, when you are like: "But really, I liked them before they were cool"?

  3. We just discovered Imagine Dragons on Friday. They are great. I think Abby loves them and McKay loves most rock. They have a unique and fun sound.