11 October 2012

If we could float away

This post is long overdue.

McCall and I went to the very much anticipated Coldplay concert in a time when both our lives were filled with anxiety. She was taking the dreaded NCLEX two days later, and I was preparing to quit my job and move across the country (plus it was nearly birthday week). (She had more anxiety than I did.)

We picked up dinner on the wayBuffalo chicken macaroni and cheese will be forever linked with the anticipation felt this nightand at some point during our trip to the TD Gardens I told McCall that this was the night she might see me dance.

It is well known by all my friends in all stages of life that I rarely dance in front of people. But this concert was different than all those times I've refused to dance. There was a palpable energy in the room; I felt the music in my bones. And when the music is that deep inside of you, you really don't have a choice but to dance.

We sang and we danced, and when Chris Martin came out and started "Us Against the World" alone on the acoustic guitar, McCall cried (but, you know, Chris Martin is her sloth).

I have never been as jealous of Gwyneth Paltrow as I was that night.


  1. So jealous. I told Mitch he has to take me one day.

  2. Good heavens, that night. Can we go back?

  3. I am green with envy. Coldplay=#1 on my to-concert list. Plus a t-shirt.

  4. Chris Martin is my sloth too ... and I've been jealous of Gweneth since the day they married. And thank you, thank you for understanding that Coldplay has an undeniable, and inexplainable way of making a dancer out of any non-dancer. So glad u both had this memory the week we all three somehow saw each other cry and kept each other together