12 February 2013

C Saved February (Unintentionally)

I've been writing poems.

When C was in his MFA program, he decided to write one poem every day during the month of February. It was a good exercise, apparently, because he's reinstated it this year. After expressing mild interest, he convinced me to do it too.

We have had multiple discussions about my hatred for February (see: here, here). But the past twelve days (we're only two days shy of the halfway point) haven't been so bad. Even the weather's been fairly cooperative (if I still lived in Boston, we'd be having an entirely different conversation). And I have to say, I kind of  think it's because I've been writing. It's a good exercise for my brain when I have no formal employment. Plus, it's relaxing and actually really fun.

February can be good. With poems. 

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