23 February 2013

Published, Again

I recently submitted a guest post to the LDS literary blog called Segullah, and today they published it. So for today's reading, I'd like to redirect your attention here.

And yes, I am excited to be publishing things a few weeks in a row. Even if it is just for blogs. A whole lot better than no publishing at all.


  1. you're such a great writer. congrats!! this is awesome.

  2. Published... again. NBD. You're just that good~
    Your thoughts were deep and I appreciated them. Not surprised, as you're you after all. Thanks for alerting me to it~

  3. Loved this. Every word. Pointedly so because though I'm ancient in years compared to you...I'm still learning to "turn it over" to God sometimes. It's really easy to do...until it's not. Love, A.M.'s Mama