05 March 2013

A List

  • Basically two straight weeks at home (with a 36-hour break in the middle) is fun. Even if Jess says she gets sick of me.
  • I genuinely miss poem-a-day February. I might create poem-a-day March.
  • The boy turns 18 tomorrow. Oof.
  • Murry has been laying on the bed all morning. I'm not positive that he realizes this morning was his last walk with Megan, but I kind of think he might. He's been a lot quieter than usual.
  • I wish I could wear flannel all the time.
  • Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.

1 comment:

  1. I think 2 straight weeks at home sounds awesome. And I wish I was wearing flannel pajamas right now. It would make me feel better!