10 June 2013

Summer Bucket List So I Have Something to Look Forward to when Nannying Threatens to Kill Me

(How's that for the bloody longest/worst blog title ever?)

  1. Read Les Miserables.
  2. Get tan(ish).
  3. Learn a new song on the piano.
  4. Find cheap flights to Denver for Mark's wedding (fingers crossed).
  5. Write something every day.
  6. Explore the lighthouse at Discovery Park.
  7. Go to Elliott Bay Bookstore (and don't spend more than $30).
  8. Find the Sleepless in Seattle house.
  9. Listen to the singing monks.
  10. Become the alpha-male of the dogs I nanny.
  11. Swim in Green Lake.
  12. Go to the Jimmy Eat World concert.
  13. Go to the Death Cab concert.
  14. Visit the awesome cemetery on Capitol Hill.
  15. Read a Russian (with emotional clearance from Melis and/or C).
  16. Start (and finish) Jesus the Christ.
  17. Make tortillas.
  18. Watch The Breakfast Club.
  19. Paint.
  20. Go on a trip. (Canada? Spokane?)
  21. Dance on the roof.
  22. Attend a reading (or three).
  23. Go boating.
  24. See the PUPPIES.
  25. Show Jess an episode of AR with STEVE HOLT.
  26. Go to the temple with the boy.
  27. Fish. (Thomas?)
  28. Wash the car regularly.
  29. Visit the Seattle Art Museum.
  30. Go to an outdoor movie.
  31. Ride a ferryboat.
  32. Go to a Mariners game.
  33. Hit the Ballard Seafoodfest.
  34. Visit Chihuly Garden and Glass.
  35. Ride the ferris wheel.


  1. Sounds lovely! I should make a similar list to keep me occupied while Mitch is gone!

  2. Awesome list! Good luck! :)

  3. Summer bucket lists are the best. I recently discovered the address of Kathleen Kelly's house and I am seriously dying to go to New York and see it.

  4. This list is awesome makes me want ro visit seattle agaon. When you go to the sleepless in seattle house please take pictures and post!

  5. I'm newly inspired to make a summer bucket list of my own. Thanks Miss Mitton :) Some of your ideas sound fantastic btw. Makes me want to add 1. Fly to Seattle to complete A's bucket list with her. to my list.

  6. I was going to leave a comment weeks ago on your "Basketball Gods" post cause I thought it amusing. Now, I'm just left feeling breathless. My bucket list for the summer is simple..."just keep moving." Yours sounds a lot more fun. I want a report on how well you do! P.S. A.M. needs you in Boston.