03 July 2013

On Coming Home

Ten days ago I flew to my city, arriving to witness the intense love for their teams, even though we lost to Chicago while I was on the plane. Sadness. (Andy, no gloating.)

I spent the night with a cat and the next morning had two and a half hours of interviews with some of the nicest people I have ever met. Their company is pretty great, too. The afternoon was spent on Charles Street eating pizza and JP Licks with my favorite people, and even though I didn't really know, I knew I'd be walking to Harvard Square for more JP Licks with my darling Anne Marie regularly.

And I was right. I'm flying in July 29, walk to Harvard that evening AM? I can't think of a better way to restart my life in Boston.


  1. Are you moving back to Boston??

  2. so you got a job in boston?

  3. Anne Marie and I were so excited when we received the news while shopping in S.F. We were in Nordstrom's on this HUGE circular staircase. The acoustics LOVED our "Woo-Hoo's!" I can tell you and Anne Marie that are the sort of friends who will remain connected at the heart forever. I have a few friends like that...I call them my 'bosom friends.' (Anne of Avonlea) It's probably time for me to begin planning another trip to Boston...girls only this time. (I loved your bucket list, by the way. Just never commented.) :) Congratulations on the job...I know you will be a great asset.

  4. Hey YO! Miss Mitton's coming home! And please, need you ask about the 29th... that's totally in the books already. Talked to Mel and she didn't realize you were living here. Think she felt a little Boston homesickness moment. So glad you feel so good about coming.