22 July 2013

Bucket List Update and Revision

My new change of location midsummer prompted a few additions to the summer bucket list.

  1. Read Les Miserables.
  2. Get tan(ish).
  3. Learn a new song on the piano.
  4. Find cheap flights to Denver for Mark's wedding (fingers crossed).
  5. Write something every day.
  6. Explore the lighthouse at Discovery Park.
  7. Go to Elliott Bay Bookstore (and don't spend more than $30).
  8. Find the Sleepless in Seattle house.
  9. Listen to the singing monks.
  10. Become the alpha-male of the dogs I nanny.
  11. Swim in Green Lake.
  12. Go to the Jimmy Eat World concert.
  13. Go to the Death Cab concert.
  14. Visit the awesome cemetery on Capitol Hill.
  15. Read a Russian (with emotional clearance from Melis and/or C).
  16. Start (and finish) Jesus the Christ.
  17. Make tortillas.
  18. Watch The Breakfast Club.
  19. Paint.
  20. Go on a trip. (Canada? Spokane?)
  21. Dance on the roof.
  22. Attend a reading (or three).
  23. Go boating.
  24. See the PUPPIES.
  25. Show Jess an episode of AR with STEVE HOLT.
  26. Go to the temple with the boy.
  27. Fish. (Thomas?)
  28. Wash the car regularly.
  29. Visit the Seattle Art Museum.
  30. Go to an outdoor movie.
  31. Ride a ferryboat.
  32. Go to a Mariners game.
  33. Hit the Ballard Seafoodfest.
  34. Visit Chihuly Garden and Glass.
  35. Ride the ferris wheel.
  36. Go to the Marathon memorial in Copley Square.
  37. Swim at Walden Pond.
  38. Visit the JFK Museum.
  39. Buy an air conditioner.
  40. Attend a concert at the Hatch Shell.
  41. Go to a Red Sox game.
  42. Hit up Boston Magazine's Ice Cream Spectacular list.


  1. Seeing as I'll be in Virginia next summer and not so far away, I think some of these need on my summer 2014 bucket list with VISIT ALLISON IN BOSTON!!!

  2. I want to join, at least for Walden, the JFK Museaum, and the Hatch Shell. Oh, and the ice cream. Ok, I want to join for all of the Boston things.

  3. I read Les Miserables over Feb, March, and April with my book club. Loved it. Wishing you were in my bookclub too!

  4. have been your updates :(