16 June 2010


Ten years ago today, 16 June 2000, I graduated from the sixth grade at Warm Springs Elementary School in Fremont, CA. I sat alphabetically with my class on the blacktop for the little ceremony where we all got a certificate or something, and then I went back to Mrs. Fickes' portable for our class party. I doubt I cried at the party, but I'm sure I cried later. My best friend, Veronica, gave me a goodbye present, Among the Hidden, and then I drove with Dad, Megan, and Tanner eleven hours to our new house. I don't remember if I slept that night on the floor, but I do remember waking up and seeing hot air balloons fly over the house. Bruce and Lisa brought an ice cream cake for Megan's ninth birthday, and that's how it started.

I loved the eleven years I lived in California, but I am so, so glad that we moved to Oregon. It is a beautiful state, and it was such a great decision for our family. As great as BYU is, I miss Oregon every day.

Happy moving anniversary, family.

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