24 September 2010

DC Day 1

So I ended up being so exhausted during the flight that I slept the entire way from Boston to Baltimore. I never do that. Which means I read about three pages of the book that I took, which did end up being The Meaning of Everything. But Heather, thanks for the comment. I have read Gurnsey and loved it. I also really liked The Glass Castle even if it was sad. The ending isn't sad, just the middle part. And there are a lot of happy things in it too. I have no idea if that convinced you, but you should still read it.

So I was picked up by an old Jerusalem friend and we went to meet another Jerusalem friend at the Georgetown law campus, where he goes to school. In honor of our Jerusalem friendship we ate falafel for lunch. Sadly, not anywhere close to the falafel in Israel.

I got to explore my second museum for the week (I'm suspecting there will be more) . . . the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It was pretty cool. I'm not as familiar with American art as I am with European (like I'm really that familiar with any art at all, ha), but there were a lot of portraits of pretty important people in our history. There was also an amazing Norman Rockwell exhibit; if you're in DC anytime between now and 2 January 2011, go see it. I had no idea how much I like him.

In the evening I came to Andy's snazzy new apartment that doesn't have any furniture except beach chairs. He gave me a tour, cooked me a lovely dinner (because really, when do I cook lovely dinners?), and even blew up the air mattress for me. I'm very impressed (and not at all surprised) at his hosting abilities. Although he did let me make my own toast for breakfast this morning.

And this has nothing to do with DC, but happy Sukkot this week.

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  1. We were talking at work today about how much we missed you. :)