01 December 2010

Thanksgiving Recap + Christmas Beginning

I'm back in my brick Boston house. I like my house and Boston, but I do miss Leesburg. Why?
  • I shared a delicious Thanksgiving meal with some great people.
  • I saw Christmas lights with four very excited little kids.
  • I played trains and ate fishies with the cutest baby.
  • I watched How To Train A Dragon---three times.
  • I went to Mount Vernon and the Natural History Museum.
  • I browsed the best antique shops with my awesome aunt.
  • I discovered some really cute books.
  • I helped decorate for Christmas.
  • I ate the most amazing molasses cookies. 

Summary? Good trip. Always. I'll have to think of a reason to go back.
Standing in front of a gingerbread Mount Vernon

I did, however, have some exciting Christmas mail waiting for me when I got home last night. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Christmas is officially here.


  1. Oh! Cute! Your parents are so sweet! And I want to add that Gingerbread Building to my apartment's decor....

  2. Oh my HEAVENS!!!!! Your parents are awesome. Holy COW!!!!!

  3. Very true. Jamie, they've done this every year since I moved out. Do you remember from when we lived together? Probably not, you were most likely paying more attention to Danny.