15 February 2011

Healthy (yeah, right)

So I've entered another weird phase in life again. I want to exercise.

What? you said.

It's true, I respond.

The problem, though, is I don't know how. Running works but it's still freakin freezing here and I've never really had an exercise routine. So I'm asking you, who I know are much more healthy and fit than I: How ought I to exercise?


  1. You could get a gym membership. Working out inside saves you from weather hazards and keeps you safe if you want to work out at night by yourself. Plus gyms usually have classes which are fun, and they have lots of machines to use. I've been riding a stationary bike lately and it is great because I can read at the same time. Only problem is you probably have to pay for it. But maybe that will motivate you to go?

    ALSO, it is fun to train for a race. You can find schedules online for 5ks or 10ks or whatever and then you have your running routine planned out for you already.


  2. Hahaha, you need to call Danny. He would go on and on though. He works out in the mornings in the living room doing P90X stuff--yoga included. He really gets a workout. I might start out doing sit-ups and small weights in your apartment. You could get in the habit of doing it for like 15 minutes every morning and then find a place where you can jog like 2 or 3 times a week in the evening. I'm too cheap to get a gym membership, but you could do that. I'm also not motivated enough to do what I just said. YOU CAN DO IT THOUGH!!!!!!

  3. I don't think I am qualified to give you any suggestions in this area :)