18 March 2011

Midway Through Round One (Two?)

Todd and I were emailing a bit yesterday. At 2:54 p.m. I received this:
Hey, you're currently tied for first place!
That didn't last long. Darn Louisville and Michigan State. They were so freaking close. SO CLOSE. Did you see the Louisville-Morehead State game? If not, you missed out.

I missed out on Jimmer as Emerson College decided 6:00 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. classes are a good idea. Although I heard some disappointing things about our Cougs. At 8:07 p.m. while in class I had this conversation (yes, I know, I shouldn't text in class, but it's March Madness guys):
Sam: Byu 33-29 half time
me: Sweet. Is it a good game?
Sam: It's ok, byu needs to step it up

And when I got home and (briefly) gchatted with Michael, I heard this:
me: Did you watch the games?
1:02 AM Michael: All of BYU, and then parts of a couple others.
1:03 AM BYU was a bit frustrating.
  The first half looked like Saturday morning at the stake center.
 me: I heard that. I was in class so I missed the whole thing.
  so bugged.

Although maybe not so bugged. And truly torn about who I want to win next round. I hate Gonzaga, but I did chose them for this round, but they haven't been super great all year. I went to BYU, but they always flake out, but they're better this year, but Brandon Davies is gone, but Jimmer is there. I don't know. 

Cougars or Zags?

45 minutes until today's first tip off.

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