11 August 2011


I purchased myself a birthday gift, and I felt perfectly okay doing it ($12 is not a particularly expensive gift).

I fell asleep on a couch last night that isn't even mine, working on the project I will (finally) turn in tonight. I was awakened by someone else who doesn't live in that apartment. Though I basically have for the last four months, and he basically has for the last four days. So we do belong, I guess.

I have fallen hardcore for Pinterest. Are you in that boat yet? If not, you really should be; come check it out.

I really, desperately crave a burrito. Alyson 2 and Anne Marie and I were talking about that last night. Not burritos, cravings. Your body telling you what it needs. Mine needs more protein, apparently, because I'll I've wanted lately are protein sources. A decent burrito hunt will occur during the hour between work and class.

I tried to make this list parallel, but couldn't do it. It shouldn't have even been that hard. But I'm running on an average of 5.5 hours of sleep a night this week, and that's really not enough.

I will organize my bookcase this weekend. Also, I will watch The September Issue. And probably start on Psych season five (thanks Tanner and Jessica!). And sleep, sleep, sleep.

I hate that Anne Marie is leaving me, but it'll probably be better for my stomach (and my wallet) not to have a JP Licks run partner for a while. September though, baby. Right back at it.

I love my print productions professor, but I swear, if class goes more than two hours tonight I'm going to die. Or he might. I am so ready for this semester to be over.

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  1. I just want you to be completely aware that this list is anything but random. So, unless it was opposite day yesterday and I somehow missed the memo, shame on you.