07 September 2011

Summer Reading List: Report

As school has started and rain has commenced, I'm thinking it's the end of summer. With that, the end of my summer reading time. I didn't stick to the list (books from said list are asterisked below). But I did read quite a few books anyway: 

Kartography—Kamila Shamsie*
This Side of Paradise—F. Scott Fitzgerald*
I'll Walk Alone—Mary Higgins Clark
The Lexicographer’s Dilemma—Jack Lynch*
Harry Potter (1–7)—J. K. Rowling*
Ella Enchanted—Gail Carson Levine
The Trouble with Poetry—Billy Collins
Horoscopes for the Dead—Billy Collins
A Wrinkle In Time—Madeleine L'Engle
Ballistics—Billy Collins
The Thirty-Nine Steps—John Buchan
The Language of Bees—Laurie R. King
The God of the Hive—Laurie R. King
The Time Traveler's Wife—Audrey Niffenegger*
The Picture of Dorian Grey—Oscar Wilde*
Mountains Beyond Mountains—Tracy Kidder*
Believing Christ—Steven Robinson

Only seventeen instead of twenty-five, which slightly bums me out. Though I did take a six-week course during that time. And moved. And maybe watched a few too many episodes of The Cosby Show on Netflix, but we won't talk about that . . . 

To briefly review: Kartography was great (thanks, Lorren!). Loved the end of Dorian Grey. The Time Traveler's Wife is totally skipable (skippable? Thoughts, Charlotte, Laura?)—I liked the movie way better. Still falling in love with Billy Collins. I'll Walk Alone wasn't the best Mary Higgins Clark, but it was good. The Thirty-nine Steps was so fun (and fast!), and I need to read the next one. Mountains Beyond Mountains is beneficially unsettling and should be read by everyone.

So there you are. Now do I get a free book or something? Isn't that the way these programs work?


  1. Okay, wait. You loved "The Time Travelers Wife" better as a movie than a book? Really? I disagree. I thought it was a nice movie, but didn't really capture the relationship between Henry and Clare. Plus the end was not what I was expecting...

  2. http://silvershoesxtwo.blogspot.com/2011/09/time-travelers-wife.html
    Krista's opinion on TTTW. I just love the movie.